Сontemporary art using recycled materials

As consumers, we are constantly struggling with the choice of being environmentally friendly. Which is better, compostable paper towels or non-compostable paper towels? Which is better, organic or non-organic? This option is often found in everyday household items. But have you ever considered having this option for a car? I’m not talking about the Prius, the Nissan Leaf or any other electric car. It’s about the recycled materials used to make the car itself! General Motors has made a courageous leap in using recycled textiles, cardboard and plastic in its vehicles. GM isn’t the only one trying this, but it’s been successful in other ways. Not only do they help the environment, they also improve the quality and performance of their cars by using recycled materials.

The GMC Terrain is one of the models with recyclable parts that helped place vehicles at 32MPG on the highway. Recycled carpets and denim blue jeans are used as acoustic insulation in dashboards, carpets, cargo areas and other body sections. Recycled fiber is 50% lighter and easier to recycle than petroleum-based raw materials. The terrain grill frame also has recycled plastic made from recycled plastic beverage bottles.

Recycled materials must meet the same standards as unused materials in order for GM to use them as recycled automotive parts. While it’s good to use materials simply for environmental friendliness, GM needs to ensure that the quality and durability of the vehicle is not compromised by the customer. These recycled materials may also contain additives, but in summary, they are more environmentally friendly than refining the petroleum needed for unused materials. For Buick LaCrosse, recycled materials are superior to virgin materials. Best in class, very quiet and won medals and awards! Recycled materials “can also be lighter, helping to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions,” said Lora Herron, GM Bio and Recycled Materials Engineer.

GM is also working to reduce the “fluff” of car recycling facilities. Only 5-10% of the average GM car is sent to landfills at the end of life, but the company is even trying to reduce that small percentage! All GMC vehicles, including Terrain, are 85% recyclable. So, when you buy your next car, do a little research. You don’t have to buy an electric car to buy it in a more environmentally friendly way.

There are literally thousands of products, made from recycled materials. Paper, glassware, some plastic products, etc. are collected by people who are careful enough to put them in a recyclable trash can, melted or disassembled in some way, and can be used again. .. So why do we need to use recycled materials in our products?

One reason is that these materials have already been proven to be recyclable. When you recycle items for the first time, you may need to remove certain items from those products so that you can use the remaining items to create new products. When making new products from recycled materials, those product manufacturers take great care not to add anything that could have a negative impact on the environment to the new product. Therefore, these items can be recycled over and over again very easily.

Another reason to use these products made from recycled materials is to know that they are as environmentally friendly as possible. Sure, recycled paper may not maintain the same quality as new paper, but it is a viable option for many paper products such as greeting cards and paper bags for carrying groceries. You can feel that it contributes to environmental protection.