Ecological Engineering-We Can Reshape This World!

Humans have always shown amazing skills, innovation, and ingenuity when faced with environmental hurdles. Instead of competing with or opposed to the environment, they cooperate with the environment by relying on “ecological engineering,” ecos, coevolution, and the ecology paradigm. This article briefly describes these important issues that can reshape this world. The term “ecological engineering” …

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The Effect of Deforestation

Deforestation is the process of converting forest land into non-forest land that is ideal for crop production, urbanization and industrialization. Since deforestation is a serious concept, it also has a major impact on the environment. The impacts of deforestation can be classified and grouped according to impacts on biodiversity, the environment and social conditions. Because …

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Сontemporary art using recycled materials

As consumers, we are constantly struggling with the choice of being environmentally friendly. Which is better, compostable paper towels or non-compostable paper towels? Which is better, organic or non-organic? This option is often found in everyday household items. But have you ever considered having this option for a car? I’m not talking about the Prius, …

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