Common Mistakes Fashion Bloggers Make

 If you have a passion for fashion just like we do then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t follow in our footsteps and start yourself a website or a blog. Here you can muse about the fashion choices which you love, the styles you can’t go without and tell the world about your very own designs. There are however some pitfalls which you should be sure to avoid when it comes to creating this kind of website, and here is what you should be looking to avoid when you first launch it.

 Speed of the Website

 One of the biggest errors which fashion sites make is creating a slow moving website, as users just won’t hang around for slow pages to load. In fact most users say that any more than 2 seconds and they will be gone, even if you have the best content. To avoid this there are some steps which you should take. First and foremost pick a web host which offers fast shared hosting, next ensure that all of your images are optimized for the site and finally ensure that you are constantly checking the speed of your site and identifying issues. Fashion blogs have more images than most, so be really careful with this.

 Copyright Images

 Another area in which you need to take great care is with copyright images. This is more apparent with fashion sites than any other, as you are actively going to be sharing images which have been taken in public. The best option is to pay for an image library which offers royalty and royalty-free images for you to use.


 You really have to set your stall out when it comes to this kind of website. Ask yourself are you going to be someone who talks about all fashion? High street fashion? Catwalk fashion? Or simply style? This is important because if let’s say you are going to talk about catwalk fashion, you are really going to have to have your finger on the pulse of what is happening in that world, which can be time consuming. It may be better to start off just talking about style in general and then look to add bits and pieces about the world’s runways. The last thing you want is to tell the world you love fashion and then find your opinions to be outdated, this is a fast moving industry.

 Social Media Madness

 People love fashion and they really react well to it. This is exactly why you should be looking to ensure that you are going crazy on social media and sharing your content. If you aren’t doing this then you are going to really miss out on a great chance to drive more traffic to your site and grow the community around the blog. Fashion is an easy way to create social media content and you are share to see plenty of engagement for high quality content which you share.

 Go start that fashion blog but be sure to avoid these common mistakes when you do so.