Electronic Health Records for Schools

To improve health and safety, EduHealth is the leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for schools. Designed by school nurses and directors, our secure and easy-to- use web- grounded result manages health forms, disinclinations, specifics, and illness/ injury shadowing for your academy throughout the time.


  •  Report making is simple.

Produce a report for any piece of data you collect. Do your third- grade preceptors need a list of all of their scholars with food disinclination? Or perhaps your academy nanny needs a list of scholars taking lunch specifics? Find answers fluently and take action incontinently. Stay over-to- date with custom reports that you can make on your own. Elect the questions, pick the group, set pollutants, and get an instant report. Publish your reports or download them as a PDF or Excel train. Our platform supports different report formats, each with varying degrees of functionality and complexity.

  •  Illness and Injuries 

EduHealth allows you to triage and log nanny visits in a centralized, fluently accessible and secure terrain that’s flexible and easy-to- use. Knowing the time and energy that numerous academy conventions put into the state/ county health log conditions, we wanted to make logging nanny visits more effective and most importantly, useful. 

We follow the standard Cleaner note format (an acronym for private, objective, assessment, and plan), an extensively espoused communication tool betweeninter-disciplinary healthcare providers. 

  •    Exigency Plan 

 Establishing an emergency procedure for your academy is critical, but effectively communicating these procedures to your families and staff is just as important. Seminaries need to be more critical about their disaster and emergency planning, and put these plans directly in front of families and staff. 

 The Emergency Plan tool from EduHealth allows seminaries to fluently plan and communicate three critical factors of disaster and exigency planning: Communication, Evacuation & Reunification, and Exigency Authorities. 

  • Text Communication Cautions 

When a disaster or emergency hits your academy, you need technology that facilitates rapid-fire announcement. Text communication cautions from EduHealth allow associations to fluently shoot mass announcements and exigency dispatches. 

 Numerous families and staff now prefer textbook dispatches over dispatch communication for important academy adverts as well, and we use the rearmost technology and broadcast network to shoot large volumes of dispatches reliably and snappily. 

  • Multiple Language Support 

We know that numerous actors speak different languages, and staff frequently struggle with language walls when trying to capture accurate health information for these individualities. 

 EduHealth can be customized to support multiple languages. With multilingual support, you can produce and manage restatements for all of the custom questions in your health profile. Families can fluently toggle the language that displays when completing their forms, reducing the threat of miscommunication. 

Have you ever wanted a simple and accessible way to electronically check scholars in and out during drop-off and pick-up? What about tracking attendance at specific conditioning or programs? 

  The Attendance module from EduHealth allows families to add trusted connections and prints of those who are authorized for pick-up. Your association can also electronically check-in and check-out scholars on a mobile device and induce detailed attendance reports. 

Key Features Includes:

  • Access party and staff medical information anywhere 
  •  Drop the time and energy spent during original party check-in 
  •  Completely customizable with needed fields and dynamic questions
  •  Shoot custom automatic memorial  emails
  • Pre-populate forms so families don’t start from scrape every time
  • Save time with multiple stoner access and data entry
  • Exclude the problem of unreadable handwriting
  • Produce mislike reports with the click of a button
  • Get cautions for specifics you forgot to apportion
  • Keep safety in the van of academy operations
  • Replace your paper logbook and make diurnal clinic- call more efficient
  • Prioritize high- threat actors with triage mode
  • Save time on repetitive tasks with health log templates
  • Review health log entries and add addendums if demanded
  • Dissect clinic visits for real- time trends


EHRs help school nursers in furnishing population- grounded healthcare to the entire school community through  effective data operation processes including attestation, reporting, and analysis of pupil health data. 

 EHRs have the capability of aggregating data in real time, allowing the academy nanny to snappily identify health  trends, similar as transmissible conditions or scholars with the eventuality for health pitfalls, and take nippy action. For illustration, academy nursers partake aggregated absence and transmissible complaint data with Original health departments to inform community complaint surveillance.

School population health data participated via EHR can track immunization compliance, frequentness of environmental and habitual health conditions, and effective forestallment conditioning (Association of State and Territorial Health Officers Use of aggregate data  from standardized academy nanny attestation would support a public academy health database that could be used to describe pupil healthcare needs, stylish outgrowth- grounded interventions, and academic success.

EHRs induce a legal document of care handed by the academy, meet the conditions for quality attestation and communication among the health care software , and are an investment to help enhancement of pupil health and academic issues. Due to the technical conditions of a academy EHR that differ from the educational/ pupil data operation system, academy nursers are integral members of the information technology selection commission. School nursers are 

 equipped to determine EHR quality, training, policy/ procedure, security, and stakeholder education. 

EHRs in the academy setting are an essential tool for the 21st century academy nanny, having the eventuality to engage academy nursers in pupil- centered practice. School nanny application of an EHR has the implicit to ameliorate the  effectiveness and quality of healthcare, thereby having a positive impact on the health, safety, and educational success of scholars.