How to Properly train a Doberman Dog

The Doberman Pincher Dog is a pet commonly tamed by several homeowners around the world and appeared around 1890. Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman is the man behind the breeding of this human-loving dog. At that time, the Doberman was the perfect guard dog or police dog. Today, Pincher is the best man companion and pet dog. Many families rely on the Doberman for protection and friendship. A wise, alert and loyal dog. According to the reputed American Kennel Club, the Doberman Pincher dog has a medium body size, short fur, and a square physique.

A major feature of this animal is its sporty body. If you need a speedy dog How to Properly train a Doberman Dogwith a very compact body build, the Doberman is for you. Given that it is very obedient, the dog’s temperament is highly desirable. Male dogs have stronger power secured by body muscles than slender female dogs. Male dogs also look noble and cautious. Generally, Doberman dogs are medium in size. Still, the size may vary based on the breeding standards of a particular club.

The standard height of an adult dog ranges from 66 to 72 centimeters. The height range of female Doberman dogs ranges from 6 to 1 to 68 centimeters. Its square body frame is perfectly proportional. All body parts including head, legs, neck and shoulders are proportional. A typical adult male dog weighs about 34 to 45 kilograms. A typical bitch weighs about 27-41 kilograms. However, there is no standard weight for all Doberman pincher dogs. Another amazing feature of this domestic pet is its color.How to Properly train a Doberman Dog

The main colors expected are blue, red, fawn and black. The biological principle behind the development of the four colors is the combination of black or diluted genes. The fawn, also known as Isabella for this breed, is the least common. More information needs to be explored to understand how tinting occurs. You can even find a few white Doberman dogs that are not albino. They aren’t really pure white, but they have an ivory or cream color. Tail size is another feature that distinguishes dogs. In general, Doberman pinchers have a relatively long tail. If you want to cut the tail immediately after the birth of the puppy, you are free.

This is a common practice among dog owners in many parts of the world. Some people prepare their ears, but this depends on the country of origin of the dog’s owner. This breed naturally has great ears and may not need to be trimmed to make it vertical at all. If you plan to have some Doberman pincher dogs, find them online. Many trusted websites dealing with dogs have the perfect animals for your home. Sure, it’s not as delicate as most toy breeds, so you won’t regret having this breed. If you feed, clean, or walk a lot on this pet, he or she can be your most trusted friend.