Is exchanging video games with other gamers a better way to play new video games?

All gamers go through the process of buying a new video game. That is, play until you are bored or complete before moving on to the next game. For some, the retail price of most new video games is £ 40 (~ $ 60), making the move to the next game a daunting task and an expensive hobby! This article describes some ways gamers can buy / get new video games available and see if video game swapping sites represent the best possible value for gamers when migrating to new video games. Consider.

Video game trading

Trade-in a video game at a local store is one way. This often means losing more than half the value of the game you originally paid for. And local stores will probably sell your video games at significantly higher prices. Therefore, the trade-in of the value they offer doesn’t get you much in the store, so you still have to donate some additional cash to get the new game. However, this process is convenient and you can get the next game as soon as you enter the store.


  1. Convenient
  2. Instant

Cons: Disadvantages:

  1. Little trade-in of value
  2. Large markups by retailers mean paying more cash for the next game
Video game rental

Joining a game rental service such as Boomerang or Lovefilm is another option. You usually pay a fixed monthly subscription fee, receive a limited number of games, and keep them as long as you like. The quality of such services varies greatly, and the main drawback here is that you need to keep a list of the games you want. As a result, when the rental company receives the returned game, it will receive the game in stock. So the danger here is that the game may not actually appear at the top of the list. Other drawbacks include waiting a long time for one game you need, or receiving scratched games that cannot be played on the console. Most importantly, you give out all your cash every month and ultimately you don’t really own anything. There is no doubt that once you buy a game, hold it until you finish it, and trade it once, it’s worth better. I tried again.

In addition, the value of this service varies from game to game. Some games can be completed within a few days of playing, so the effective cost of playing this game is a fraction of the monthly subscription fee. And since some games have been played for years, playing these games on a rental basis can be very expensive! In that sense, rental has the advantage that you can try many games with a monthly subscription fee. If you think your game has long-term value, you can safely buy it if you know you will continue to play it for a long time. However, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers can download and try new games. In this case, mute this point.

Another game rental option is often available from your local video store. Rental costs are typically 5% to 10% of the cost of a video game for up to 7 days of play. It’s definitely convenient to rent a game using your local video store. The value of the service depends on whether you actually ended the game before the game expired or decided that it wasn’t yours (that is, you made the most of the game). return.


  1. You can get a good price for your game
  2. Very convenient

Cons: Disadvantages:

  1. You have to wait a few days for the sale to be agreed
  2. Final selling price fee
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Video game swap

Swapping video games over the online game swapping network is another option. These sites include TheGameCollective, gamejam, or hitflip, which allow gamers to agree to swap, then exchange their home addresses and email games to each other for a small amount / free of charge. increase. This service offers gamers the opportunity to play new video games for about the same cost as posting a game. Therefore, in this sense, game swapping options offer great potential for value-conscious gamers.

Game swapping isn’t widely adopted today, so gamers will have to wait a bit longer to get the video game swapping they need, unless there’s a lot of traffic on the game swapping site. This may take some time, depending on the popularity of the game. So, in this respect, swapping games isn’t as convenient as trading, for example. However, as game swapping becomes more popular, the process of migrating to new video games is set to be a much better and more valuable experience.


  1. Available at the cost of shipping the game
  2. Completing the old one makes it easy to get a new video game

Cons: Disadvantages:

  1. You may have to wait a long time to find another gamer you want to replace