Thor Best Puzzle Games 2021

Most game lovers have their favorite puzzle games, and their attachment to them is usually the highest level of dedication. When referring to the word “blade” or “portal,” many people glaze with a warm affinity that radiates from their own. People connect with puzzle games in a unique way, and it’s arguably the most time-absorbing genre of all.

For me, one of the most successful aspects of the portal was the moment when I felt like I was failing my way with unscripted actions that I sometimes thought worked. Then when I saw someone else playing on the same stage, I wondered, “Oh, why didn’t I think of it?”, But it’s still not what the designer intended. I do not know. I think it’s at a loss how many creative puzzles people can come up with. I want the game to invent the situation with multiple unscripted solutions. It’s very similar to the portal’s accidental answer, but with more variety.

A puzzle in which players with different ideas are naturally drawn to different tactics. So, for example, a person who thinks he’s a little better may just throw an object at the target, while a person with a strong “Tetris” tendency may stack items until he can climb and reach them. Fashion the item to a device long enough to reach the object from the ground. This is probably not a simple and completely great example (that’s why I’m in awe of the people who devise these clever puzzles), but you understand what I’m saying. .. I think puzzles will be complicated if they are built around familiar concepts and items. Gravity, light, shadows, liquids, gases, fire, reflections, etc. are all things that people recognize and understand. They have different natural properties and interact differently than other elements. Puzzles may contain elements that people understand outside the scope of the law set in video games.

Suddenly, when the three-foot wall gets in the way, you feel like you’re out of control of your imagination, but instead you’re asked to understand the person setting the problem and the scope of the game. If you run into problems thinking, “Depending on the ruggedness of this item, it may work, and you may be able to balance it long enough to do this,” what should you do before trying it out? Make informed decisions about what you think is possible-doing it overcomes something by finding your own solution rather than cracking what someone else intended. Feeling like you’ve done it will create a great sense of accomplishment. Creating a problem without a linear solution seems incredibly difficult. The right balance between meaninglessly simple answers and completely dull answers is almost impossible to determine if a player wants to find his or her own way of accomplishing it.

I think some restrictions are needed to balance the difficulty of the puzzle game. What I find particularly fun in the game is the unscripted accidental discovery. I see a goal scored in a foot simulation that includes a deflection shot that runs across someone’s foot before the defender clears the ball, and the ball bounces off the back of another player’s head into his net. I like to see. glory! You cannot program such an instance. Or, in some online games, a team of players skillfully captures enemies by making their own plans and guiding them to a manufactured blockade. Such freedom and creativity add great power to the playing experience. If the puzzle game could somehow encapsulate these different aspects, it would certainly be noteworthy. Unfortunately, my weak brain doesn’t have enough muscle to bend in this direction, so I have to wait for where the genre goes next. We hope Portal 2 is a good start. Thor best puzzle games 2021.

Android is the next platform for mobile games. You can find Android games of all tastes and genres. Check out some of the best word / puzzle games for Android. Whether you’re waiting at the airport, bored at home, or needing to give your kids something for peace and tranquility, these apps are easy to learn and play. .. Ideal for all types of smartphone users.Trivial Pursuit-This longtime favorite is now available for Android. Fill the pie with a wedge in “Classic” mode or fight against time to reach the finish line in the new “Chase” mode. Trivial Pursuit has thousands of questions on topics such as entertainment, geography, and history. The “Pass and Play” feature allows you to play against a computer or up to four human opponents. 365 Puzzle Club-New number puzzles every year!

The 365 Puzzle Club has three play modes. Calendar mode offers new puzzles every day, and season mode offers step-by-step progression for different puzzle types. Or you can practice in quick play mode. Play games such as Sukodu, Tempenki, Kakuro and more. Tropical Sudoku-If you like Sudoku, try Tropical Sudoku. Lots of different boards and 4 difficulty levels. It has a built-in “scratch pencil” feature for later spot marking. The game is automatically saved so you can return to it later if it is interrupted. There is a soothing tropical theme.

MovieQuiz-The best thing about this game is the sparkling sound effects that occur when you drag your finger on the screen. It’s so cool that I almost forgot that there was a game there too. There! Answer thousands of questions about movie trivia. Use the built-in link to IMDB to play against time and see your answers later. WordSearch-WordSearch is a very attractive puzzle app with 16 different themes and multiple categories. There are so many puzzle games in one app that you (or your kid) will be busy for hours on a road trip. You no longer have to buy a puzzle book at a grocery store.