Top Gaming Laptops 2020-2022

Who are the gamers?
There are many PC gamers looking for a gaming laptop. College students are using it to enjoy their favorite PC games. Super gamers try to find a very powerful game console to get the most out of the latest game details. Some other people just want to find a gaming laptop to handle some specific games under their budget. Budgets and requirements for gaming laptops vary from person to person.

What is a gaming laptop?
Gaming laptops perform better than other laptops in playing PC games. Gaming laptops usually cost more because of the good combination of CPU, memory, and GPU.

How to find the best gaming laptop?
Hardware technology is growing rapidly, and even the IT guru cannot keep track of all the latest technology updates. Some people can get references from friends who are familiar with laptops, but most people have to understand everything on their own. Forum posts, Google, and reviews are great sources of information on which laptops are right for your game.

In fact, finding a gaming laptop is very easy. We are confident that if you follow the steps, you will find a great gaming laptop that suits your needs, whether or not you have previous knowledge of laptops.

1. Gaming laptop budget
Gaming laptops range in price from less than $ 1,000 to $ 4,000 and even more, depending on the brand. Therefore, the first thing to do is to find an affordable gaming laptop. Currently, the lowest price for gaming laptops is around $ 650. Some laptops are more expensive than other laptops such as MAC. In general, the more money you spend, the better the performance (or services offered) of your gaming laptop. Assuming your gaming laptop budget is $ 1,400, you can set the price range from $ 650 to $ 1,400.

2. Which game do you want to play?
This is the second most important issue for buying a gaming laptop. There are 2D and 3D games. 2D games (Starcraft, RedAlert2 … etc) require a fast CPU and some memory to run smoothly, and most laptops today do that. 3D games (WOW, Crysis, COD …) require a powerful graphics card (GPU) to handle the complex real-time calculations of 3D games. Different graphics cards have different performance when playing 3D games. There are two major GPU giants: Nvidia and ATI. Both feature serial models of graphics cards for different Top Gaming Laptops 2020-2022 requirements. If you want to get the most out of all the details of the latest FPS games like Crysis, you need to get a top-level graphics card. If you’re comfortable playing regular games and playing the latest games with low-to-medium effects, there are plenty of medium-level graphics cards available. Basically, the more powerful your GPU (graphic processing unit), the more money you spend. You can save money by identifying your requirements. Not everyone needs a super gaming machine. Don’t use missiles if you just want to catch birds.

3. Specific requirements
Everyone has their favorite brand. Some people like Intel CPUs, others like AMD. Some people like Nvidia GPUs, others like ATI. Some people like smaller screen sizes, others prefer larger screens. There are several other choices such as hard drive size, pre-installed system, memory, optical drive, sound card, color, weight and more. However, keep in mind that game capacity is a top priority. Any choice is fine as long as you follow steps 1 and 2.

4. When and where to buy
Of course, you can buy your laptop whenever you want. Sometimes you save money if you choose to buy with some good coupons during the promotion period. Some people say, “I want to wait for the price to go down …”, but every penny you use is worth it. If you have enough budget and don’t want to wait long, why not enjoy the latest gaming tech while others are still waiting? There is no final answer to the question “Which laptop is best for the game?” If it’s good for you, then go for it.

There are two types of laptop sellers: manufacturers (Dell, HP …) and resellers.

(Best Buy, Newegg, Circuit City, Staples …). You can buy a laptop online or in the store. Manufacturers usually offer more customization options, and resellers offer products in the form of “what you see is what you get.” If you want to customize your laptop to your liking, buy it directly from the manufacturer. If you are not familiar with laptops and do not know which laptop to choose, tell your reseller agent what you want to do with your laptop. Usually they make suggestions that will help you. Before you buy, you need to have some basic ideas about the laptop you need. A quick look at the internet by visiting a laptop review site can be very helpful.