What is WordPress and what is it for

WordPress (WP) is an open– source content operation system (CMS).
The most popular way to produce a website at the moment is a CMS. CMS (Content Management System)-a system to produce and manage the point. In simple words, a program with a stonerfriendly interface for creating a web resource. It’s possible to use law, but it isn’t obligatory. Thanks to this technology everyone can produce a runner for themselves.
In the request of programs to produce Internet coffers for the supremacy of floundering Joomla, Drupal, 1C-Bitrix, but the most popular CMS-WordPressAccording to W3techs, WP uses64.7 of all websites that are made on a CMS. That is41.1 percent of all websites in the world. The New York Times and Forbes use this platform for their blogs. Similar fashionability of WordPress got for the convenience of the interface and great openings.

WordPress-a veritably protean tool that you can use to produce different types of spots. The possibilities are endless, but we have gathered the most common ways to use the CMS for a better understanding.

Free platform. CMS WordPress is fully free. You pay only for the sphere and hosting (or VPS), where your point lines will be stored. Software and plugins are most frequently freetoo.
Open Source. You will not have to pay for WordPress software.
Easy installationSetup is done in a couple ofclicks.However, the program itself will inform you about them and offer to modernize, If new updates come out.
Ease of operation. You don’t need knowledge of programming for the diurnal tasks similar as writing and editing publications, uploading and editing imagesinstalling plugins.
Scrutable interface. Just look at the name of the button and it’ll incontinently come clear what you can do with it.
Ready– made themes for different spots. Inside the CMS there are numerous free templates for different types of coffers ( commercial, blog, news). No matter if you’re making a portfolio for a shooter or a medical company website. Templates can be plant for any business. Third- party inventors also vend tone– designed themes. If you buyREG.Site service, you get access to dozens of free exclusive themes, which database is constantly streamlined.
Flexible website settings. Dozens of plugins are available for point possessors on WordPress, which can break any specialized problems and extend web runner functionality.
SEO- concentrated CMS. Work on SEO is veritably important for ultramodern business. WP is ready for such a demand of inventors. There are formerly plugins ( similar as Yoast SEO), which help promote the point. With their help, you can put meta markersmake xml- charts and place keywords in a couple of clicks.
Automatic adaption for different bias. Now it’s important that the point doesn’t lose its beauty and convenience when working on mobile bias. The WordPress machine incontinently generates a look and feel on any device. While working on the design, you can always switch to mobile device mode and see how druggies will see the point in this interpretation.
Support from numerous hosting providers. Hosting-an important part of the point. It stores all the lines of the resource. WP is” friendly“with all the major hosting providers, so you can choose any company you like.
large community. There are a lot of WordPress druggies, and they’re constantly swapping findings on the sanctionedforum.However, you can snappily find a result, If you do not know commodity or have any problems.

Despite the numerous positive aspects of the program, the CMS has disadvantages.
lot of third- party programs.lot of WordPress plugins and themes are created by third- party inventors, and they can have bugs. Before installing a new add-on, read reviewsask the community for opinions on the plugin or theme.
Loading a runner can take a long time.large number of plugins affect runner ladingStillinstalling a hiding plugin generally solves this problem.
Incompatibility of updates and plugins. The large selection of plugins isn’t only a perquisite of WordPress, but also a real pain. Some plugins and their updates can beget colorful bugs ( crimes). Bugs can also do because of updates to WordPress itself. May lose comity with installed add-ons and themes. In this case, you’ll have to roll back to a former interpretation of the point.
There are problems with security. Since the program is distributed with open source law, it’s easier for bushwhackers to find vulnerabilitiesAlso suspicious plugins can beget contagions. WordPress inventors are floundering with this problem. They regularly release patches to strengthen the system‘s security. There are also numerous effective plugins that also cover the point.
Lack of tech support. Lack of tech support can produce some difficulties. You’ll have to learn the interface and deal with problems on your own. Still, WordPress has a veritably active communityso you can find a result to the problem there.
Doesn’t attend with 1C. Within the program, there’s no tool to work with 1C. Still, you will have to invite programmers to work with the law, If you still need to do this. Still, this is a delicate taskindeed for specialists.