Writing Strategy: On Getting Characters Revealed Through Their Words

People talk. All do. But, sometimes talking is not proper when you are talking about other people, no matter what your alibi is. It’s either you were jealous, envious or simply bitter. Yes, when people talk behind you, it is either they are wanting attention, or they want to ruin someone. Well, like my characters in my stories, there are aplenty of ideas for my readers getting to know someone by simply reflecting on the words being used by a certain character. Yes, words have weigh on your character as a person. If you are respectable person, you won’t say words you might regret later, or worse, put people in a bad light Writing Strategy. Unless you have the right motivation to do so and be a messenger of good news, enlightenment and so on.

Every time we hear stories that this so and so has this and that, we always think of why. Why are these stories cropping up, who are the promoters? What they after for? How are they getting sane out of this maligning spree or what you may call them? Yes, sometimes people talk without really knowing the essence of talking. We talk because we want to express our truth. We want to contribute to establishing uplifting environment instead of becoming selfish and get all the attention simply because we are angry, insecure, afraid or what. We limit our freedom to speak when we know full well our stand. We are not licensed to malign someone because we are in a bad mood, or something like that. Yes, there is always right ways to express or vent our negative emotions sans damaging ourselves further. Silence is one. Praying is another.

Dwelling on negative emotions won’t give us a plaque of appreciation, or medal, or a trophy of being such authentic person. What matters most is that we have control of our emotions and trying to be just and fair and… fine fellow who knows how to mange emotions especially the unpalatable ones! Yes, breakfast in bed is good after a hard day’s job, but no, it is not when you had a fight last night. Protect your sanity especially when being surrounded with low people who have nothing to be proud of but their big mouth and insecure ego. Yes, this is one way of making a character believable and relatable. Just write freely, don’t censor ideas, for you might get a gem out of this writing exercise af if you were in a world surrounded by noises just to get attention and all. Yes, in a market day. Sellers selling wares of different colors, sizes and shapes. Just be aware, you might be getting a fake one and be sorry later.